Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{questions} What is a Tablescape?

You may think it's a silly question, well my brother didn't and asked me that the other day. A Tablescape could be as simple as the layout of your place mats or napkins on a table surrounding a centerpiece. However, when I refer to a Tablescape, I'm describing the centerpiece of the room, the place where your eye travels first. They can be displays of candy or desserts, which perhaps is the most commonly used idea. But, they could also be your entrees - for example I recently had a brunch, and the Tablescape held tiered croissants, muffins, waffle toppings, etc. I've also seen them used in weddings to offer a variety of favors (fabulous idea!). They can be as lavish or as simple as your heart desires! The best part is that they can be at any location - outside, in your home, in a restaurant, at a wedding... there are no limits! Here are some of my favorite Tablescapes!

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